At the helm - Explore the Edge

At the helm - Explore the Edge

Hi, I'm Linda

Thanks for coming aboard.

I am an award-winning poet, author of the novel Dance of the Hummingbirds, an avid reader, and a travel writer. I love to Explore the Edge through my writing --  place, journey, and the search for meaning.

A Hoosier, born and bred, I claim my roots and values from the rich Indiana soil.  We now live in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, a journey of great depth for all of us.  With my husband of 40 years, we raised three children who have increased the fold with their addition of three grandchildren.

Throughout my life as wife, mother, teacher, writer, I learned that we all have gifts to share with the world. We have a responsibility to steward our planet and we yearn for answers to that great question -- Why

If you have a passion for exploring the world and yourself, for creative thinking, for asking those sometimes unanswerable questions, you have come to the right place - a place where seekers can read, ask, learn, and discuss.

So you won't miss one beautiful thing along the journey, add yourself to the ship's manifest (sailing lingo for list) by sending your email address below. I write one blog article a week (Wednesday or Thursday) and will post great travel ideas each week. #TurtleTuesday Travel Tips. (on Tuesdays of course.)

I invite you to journey with me to Explore the Edge. 

Come on aboard.