How Deep is the Mist?

The mists of history have intrigued us since we could wonder about it. Who are our ancestors? What was their life experience? why are humans so bent on moving all over the place? What pushed them to new frontiers? What pulled them there?

Spencer Wells's DNA research has documented the first migrations from Africa to about 40,000 years ago. New discoveries in the Middle East push the date to 41 to 42000 years ago. The article linked here suggests a similar timeframe for the arrival of modern humans in Europe. 

We live in an age of discrimination by color, culture, religion, gender, socioeconomic class, and I could go on ad nauseum. The empirical evidence suggests we are all of a single human species and our ancient ancestors migrated from the one place -- Africa. The adaptation to the ancient realms that called us created our differences. So blame geography, blame the sun and the rain and the cold and the heat, but blame each other? That's a bit of nonsense.

I am fascinated with the pushes and pulls of human migration. If you are too, you may be interested in Spencer Wells's documentary "Journey of Man" (It's on and the recent article on Archaeology News Network Dating of Beads.

As we push deeper into the mists, I'll keep an eye on the evidence and keep you posted.